Writing down/copying the handout materials by hand


When I have to memorize something I like to write it down/copy it down until I actually memorize it. It seems like I remember better and it stays with me longer when I memorize it that way. I was wondering if copying down the handout materials would help me to reinforce and make it really sink in. I will be continue doing my 30 minute study everyday. I’m sure it will take more time and effort… Would this be a good way to accompany my 30 minute study?


Of course! Why not?

Do the therapy for you, the way that you like to study. For me, too, I like to write. I like to take notes and to make notecards. I then studied, pretty much did all my therapy from those notecards. I had a notebook first where I condensed my highlights, and then I made notecards. That worked for me. Writing is something I like to do and also it slows me down and makes me think about it. It reinforces it for me.

There are different styles of learning. If you want to do this and know that you learn well this way, then great, do that!