Where do you guys read the handouts aloud?


I live with two other people in a relatively small space and am self conscious about reading the handouts out loud. I was wondering where you guys usually read yours?


I have a similar problem, I wait until I am on my own in the house however this only happens about twice a week. Make the most of any time you are on your own to read out loud.


I feel that it’s extremely important to read the handouts out loud in a place that you feel comfortable. Without feeling self conscious about being overheard. I will often read them in my car, while parked in a quiet place.

If you don’t have access to a vehicle, maybe walking to a secluded place? You also don’t have to read them loudly, just as long as you can hear your own voice.

Hope this helps


Totally agree with John_Laine here.

When I see people post on not being able to read the handouts because of self-consciousness or not having a private space, or being overheard, I totally understand that. BUT, I cannot get down with the idea of people stopping therapy just because of this. Find a way to do it that fits your situation at the time. Find a way, find a place. There has got to be some option.

Generally I read my handouts in my room, alone, relaxed. John makes the excellent point - it’s best to be in a good, calm place so that you are comfortable while doing the therapy. Sometimes I also went to my car. Sometimes I had to drive the car to a parking space away from other cars. Reading them aloud is good for so many reasons. Then some people say they cannot read aloud for fear of roommates or neighbors hearing. Well then - again, do what you can. Use an inner voice if that’s all you can do. But imagining yourself “hearing” your inner voice. I know that sounds goofy, but IT"S BETTER THAN DOING NOTHING. And again, John says, just as long as you can hear your own voice. I agree. What if you had neighbors and were worried about them hearing. Could they hear you barely whispering out loud, or making a mumbling noise in your head? I don’t think so. So, that’s what you do.


Hi this is our irrational thoughts again, the ANTS telling us everyone can hear us, :rage:
First I had a problem listening to my own voice, but as time went by, I suppose I got used to listening to the sound of my own voice,
In the car I was convinced people could hear me, but I would have a rational talk with myself ( this is so powerful ) but I did some of therapy in the car.
I also waited until house was empty and it got easier, I worked around it.
BUT DONT BE PUT OFF!! because I did look for excuses as to why I couldn’t do the therapy.
I have made progress. So good luck to everyone, STOP letting this ruin our lives, we deserve to be happy.


Something that I’ve used at times in the past is playing some instrumental music in the background. It needs to be pretty neutral music, not too emotional. I regularly do a search for upbeat study music on youtube and there are some good non-classical music options. I usually use those to study to but the therapy is definitely a type of studying so it could work for this too. Another option is playing some white noise / ocean waves type sounds in your room or wherever you are so your voice is a little drowned out but you can still hear yourself. They also help you sleep at night if random sounds at night bother you. Also, I think it’s cool we’re all trying so hard to take care of and help ourselves to be healthier.


Here’s some great beats that I use to study to and today I’m doing my therapy with it playing in the background,