When I'm not singing in my head my thoughts seem to overpower me


Just recently I learned that letting a song play in my head would help me not think in a negative way that leaded me to feel anxious. But right when I stop playing that song in my head those ants just pounces on me and that anxious old me comes back should I continue this method or stop


Hey Jaleel,

I haven’t been doing the therapy long enough to give you a professional answer, I am on session 5. But I can relate to what you are saying. During the first couple of weeks of therapy, I started to get panic attacks about catching the train to work in a morning. I had to get off several times and even called in sick one day as the fear/claustrophobia overwhelmed me. Then I started to use slow talk/thinking before I set off to the train station and put on a song on my iphone as I got there and kept repeating it. I even used the slow, slow, slow your talk one on the site. I concentrated on the song during the journey and blanked out my surroundings. After several days of doing this I no longer had a fear of getting the train. All the best with your therapy, Looking back at just over 4 weeks and I can see I have being making improvements with my anxiety.



Thanks a lot Mitch it really overjoys me to find someone who can relate to my situation. I truly hope that for both of us social phobia can eventually be a thing of the pastđź‘Ť



Thanks for the personal email.

I’m very happy you’re seeing progress! Congratulations! Yes, a song in your head serves as a good distraction so that your brain is busy singing along with it and doesn’t have the time to worry or think about negative thoughts (ANTs). Mitch is right, too. Use any and all distractions like this until you can handle negative thinking on your own (as time goes by, you will have control over your own thinking). Sing, hum, dance when you’re alone, flex your muscles underneath your shirt, take your pencil or pen and write or draw something or take notes in class that are better than usual – anything that distracts you from your OLD way thinking…

All of this is covered as you continue on through sessions three through eight, and will go on in future sessions so that you learn to question your OLD ways of thinking and learn how to think more rationally.

After all, WHY are you beating yourself up anyway? Does it make any sense for you to be deliberately hurting yourself? Why should your thoughts be allowed to hurt you? You do not deserve to do this to yourself. None of us are perfect, but you are much better than what the ANTs are telling you about yourself. As you learn to be honest and rational with yourself, you will be thinking BETTER and more REALISTIC things about yourself.

All of this is covered in the therapy program, so just keep gently moving forward. Take it one step at a time, but don’t let yourself get discouraged. Pick yourself up when needed and keep going. If you are persistent, everything will change. I was stuck in social anxiety for 40 years… and lived a life of horrible hell … but eventually I learned how to get better. It wasn’t easy, but I stuck with it… and it worked. Now I have seen hundreds of people get better and I work with them every day of the week and I have for 25 years! So keep going, persist, and you WILL get better.

I am wishing you the very best,

Dr. R
Thomas A. Richards, Ph.D.