What's the last thing that made you laugh?


This YouTube vid always puts a smile on my face:


Oh My Dayum!


I like Turtles!


Laughing is good, even about social anxiety. I saw a great, funny youtube: Joe Kowan: How I beat stage fright Ted.com. It is about 8 minutes and worth watching.


It’s Thanksgiving Day and in spite of all the snow outside, about 9" here in the Hudson Valley, my husband will be smoking a turkey. He has honed his delicious technique over many years within the fiery jaws of a Weber grill. But he tells me that the very hardest thing about smoking a turkey is…keeping it lit!

Ha! Ha! Ha! .^_^.


When one of my very good friends whom, I shall call Samantha, and who always makes me laugh when I don’t even feel like smiling said to me, “What made the chicken cross the road?” I said, “What?” because I thought it was some new and funnier answer. But she said, “Because he wanted to get to the other side.” But because I was bawling my eyes out to my mom on FaceTime, and because it was her that said it, it made me laugh so hard I almost pee myself. At least it stopped my crying!


There’s this youtuber i like a lot who never fails to crack me up although his humour is a bit gross. Check him out hes named filthy frank


Key & Peele used to crack me a lot. sorry if it’s too corny or offensive to anyone. I can’t remember anything I’ve watched recently.





I love Key & Peele!

Also How I Met Your Mother was a great show, was sad when it finally ended.

For my answer, I’d have to say the last thing that made me laugh (and out loud) was the movie Daddy’s Home with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg…it was a surprisingly good comedy.


I watched an episode of Golden Girls called “Second Motherhood.” I cracked up! Here’s a clip from it.


I was watching Big Bang Theory, Rajes and his girlfriend’s social anxiety issues made me laugh.

I can definitely see my self doing this:

Please check this!


Hahaha, I watched it again.

Raj is testing new antianxiety drug that is not approved yet:




OMG, Raj’es anxiety is so real in this show. At least for me. And they make it so funny:


Here Raj and his social anxious girlfriend have their first date. They have it in library and they text each other as they both don’t like to talk to people they don’t know:


In this episode Rajes tries alcohol first time and learns that he can talk to girls when he is drunk.

PS: this is just a sitcom and this method doesn’t help in reality. Believe me, I tried.



Was at the doctors office recently for a chest cold and I saw this little 5 year old reading the Wall Street Journal (I was like what thaaa…) he looked at me and said “Objective… Learning” and then jumps up on the chair crumples it up and tries throwing it into the trash can across the room and falls off the chair and onto this old man passing by with coffee who spills it on himself…his mother was pissed the old man was cursing. It was hilarious.


Very funny gif with a cat)


This is my first post! As I was thinking over the second meeting I had with my new employer today, I remember asking him, “What is the color of the company shirts?” In my anxiety induced haze I had asked an obvious question because he was wearing said shirt. That, my friends, is a great example of when you should laugh at yourself instead of beating yourself up.


For me it would have to be an episode of Pop Team Epic I watched a few hours ago. Such a strange yet oddly hilarious show


Okay guys, here’s something that had me in tears when I first saw it!

Warning - turn your volume down…or UP, if you want it to be funnier.