What lessons to read everyday


I was wondering if im suppose to be reading the ants handout the fighting paradox and turning the tables on the ants everyday


As Dr. Richards says, the ANTs handout is something he suggests strongly to read every day, to make a part of your daily therapy every day over the whole course of therapy.

For me, I did read that every day. I also did most of my therapy from my condensed notes, as he also suggests. There is no real way to do 30 minutes a day only after you get past a certain point, reviewing all the old and adding new. I mean, you could but that would be like hours of therapy every day. Most of us would not have time for that. So perhaps reading the ANTs handout every day for you means reading your highlighted notes of that handout. But the point here for probably everyone is that ANTs are still fundamentally what will try to trip you up at all points of your path to overcoming social anxiety. Ultimately, if you can continue to understand that some trigger of an irrational thought, which is what an ANT is, that this thing started your bad mood or anxiety feelings at any point now or in the future, on any subject, in any situation, then you will be able to be aware of that so that you can deal with it in the healthy therapeutic way. Many people see ANTs early and then think they have different problems later, so they don’t put those “different” problems into the ANTs category and thus are not applying the therapy. It doesn’t have to become a new problem. It’s still just an ANT. We want to make that very clear to everyone, and thus his suggestion to drill this concept, this handout into your head.

The other two handouts you mention have great stuff, just as so many do, but also they are handout concepts that I find to be more awareness in nature than needing to be repeated daily. But, you may feel differently. Review them if they really help you. For me it is enough to know that I should never fight, resist, etc. That if I do, I am reinforcing the ability of ANTs to stay around, and that just that awareness is good enough for me. Perhaps I would review some highlights from that handout. And Turning the Tables is a whole process of about 3 handouts which guides us through the process of how to deal with the ANTs. If you know the process and don’t have questions, then you may not need to read it daily.

Things to read daily for me are the ideas that we need to get to become feelings in our bodies. And that happens when we repeat something daily for so long that it starts to become automatic, and, yes, more of a feeling than just a rational belief. Those are the things that I certainly review daily to really get into my brain so that it becomes a healthy part of me that functions in a way that directly counter-acts anxiety.