What I want to say doesn't come out the way I want to say it


Does anyone else have this issue and is it a result of my social anxiety? I find when I am at work whether it is interacting with one person or several coworkers at once, when I talk my sentences just don’t come out as clear as I would like. This perpetuates my social anxiety more and I find I speak up less because of this. I don’t know if it is because I am trying to communicate my thoughts at the same time that I am over-analyzing myself and being self-critical or if my anxiety is interrupting thought and communication patterns in my brain. Has anyone found that slow talk has helped them to overcome their disorganized speech?


The same happens to me. I have to attend a lot of meetings at work and, although I always try to avoid it, I sometimes have a point to speak about. I prepare what I have to say in advance, I know what to say very well, but when the moment comes I mess up everything and say half of what I have to say and different things which sometimes don’t even make sense or are irrelevant. I mix the words and feel my voice shaking and I also feel I shout too much. It’s a horrible moment, when I see my name in the agenda I just want to run away. I’ve tried to breath and relax before, to focus on others rather than myself, to speak slowly…but when I’m in this situation nothing helps, my mind don’t listen to nothing. I’m only starting with this unit and the slow talk and I have high expectations on this course but I’m not sure the slow talk will be an easy thing to do for me because when I get anxious nothing can stop me.