Walking by strangers


I allways feel it’s about me if people are laughing or say something negative. I just walked by an appartment and overheard someone say there’s that kid again. I feel like I did something wrong. It was not a friendly tone of voice and the person replying said yeaaaa… as if to say about that yea he’s weird. How do I ignore these random everyday occurances?


Hello Jesse,

This feeling goes away after making progress over social anxiety. If you keep doing the therapy and using the cognitive strategies (and thus make progress), this feeling will decrease and you will begin to feel that people aren’t singling you out or talking to you. This was something I used to feel a lot too back in the past, but it has pretty much gone away. One thing that can help though is if you tell yourself that these are ANTs, and whenever you get the feeling that people are talking about you, use a distraction, such as listening to music or humming to yourself (low enough to where those people don’t hear it)…what you’ll eventually notice is that people usually aren’t talking about you when you walk by, and it’s just a negative thought and feeling like the rest of the ANTs. It takes time and practice though but it does eventually work.



My head shakes while walking and everyone in my area thinks I’m autistic and abnormal. I have horrible social anxiety so I don’t have friends either, I always have to walk alone and strangers just rip me off. People literally laugh at me, behind my back and on my face as well, and the situation is very very bad. People have killed all of my confidence and now I can’t even go outside, because I’m scared to bits, I don’t want to be despised like this. Also thanks to my level 9999 anxiety I act very retarded whenever I talk to a human being, I get scared, and I find it difficult to make eye contact. What’s even worse, I can’t hold my head straight while in public. I always keep pulling my head down and I’ve been mocked intensely because of it by people. I have lost all hopes and I just want to die now


Are you me? I have the same problem at college and I’m getting called a spaz wherever I go. Every time I worry about it, the shit gets worse and combine that with the face tightness, twitching, eye corner staring…literally just want to end it every day I step foot outside. I couldnt go to classes for a week, and all the people I knew in high school dont recognize me anymore. I’m getting ready to end it all.


Haha I’m the same too. It’s ridiculous really when you think about it! I remember overhearing a woman say to someone ‘she looks like a man’ as I jumped on a bus and I just naturally assumed she was talking about me. That was 10 years ago and it still pops into my head sometimes.

But the thing is, I don’t look like a man at all. I look back now and laugh. I’ve learnt to brush things off more. People will always judge you more than those that don’t really know you. And I’ve decided that I know myself more than anyone else so other people’s comments don’t affect me as much.

I do have examples where people have made a bad remark about me but that is one where because of the frame of mind I was in I just assumed every bad comment I heard was about me, which is absurd :rofl: