Using strategies in daily life


Hi all,
So everyday I’ve been reviewing past sessions during my 30 minute study time. I can see some progress in my day to day life as I am trying not to put myself in too much anxiety causing situations. I have really good days which are then followed by a days that are not good (setaback) and then good days again and then another day which I feel down. But overall, I am slowly starting to feel the peace and calmness.
I had a question regarding the use of slow talk. So when my SA doesn’t take over me, I am truly one that loves to talk. I talk a lot and am very friendly with others and I love to laugh. So I kind of been talking to many people and trying to use slow talk in any situation. I haven’t been doing it just at home and then working my way up because I saw myself able to already begin using it with strangers or others. Is it okay to approach using slow talk this way?
I got a compliment from someone the other day. The person called me “Ms. Happy” :joy:
This made my day because someone could see the inner me.
Lastly, I have a question about the progressive muscle relaxation technique. Should I be doing this everyday at home first for a while before trying to implement it into my daily life?


Your question about Slow Talk: yes, that’s fine. Great!

This goes back to know thyself. If you know where you should start with the strategies, that’s where you start. There is certainly no reason to jump too far too fast. And, there is no reason that one must retreat too far, to a starting point which is further back for them. Don’t discount the strategies, or dismiss them. But, DO trust yourself and use the therapy according to your life, your level.

About PMR: yes, Dr. Richards is suggesting to practice this every day at home. It’s another tool that can help us. Any of these things - practice only helps. Practice makes them stronger, so that we can get in touch with that feeling even when not doing the exercise. It certainly cannot hurt you to practice something like this and then to use it more often than most people do. Ultimately, you’re not just practicing a relaxation exercise - you are doing it. All of us, in any walk of life, can likely benefit from some daily relaxation exercise.

Have a good day, Soccer2000!