Upcoming appointment causing me alot of distress. Setbacks


Thank you all so much for the encouragement. This forum is fantastic, im just sorry i didnt find it years ago. However, im here now. @Soccer2000 thats great news about the field trip! @Pinetree it sounds like anxiety affects me in a very similar way that it affected you, im greatful that you take the time to share it with us because its so helpful.

I have been having quite intense anxiety since Friday (even though i was determined not to beat myself up). I do find it hard not to have that sudden jolt of anxiety everytime i think about ever being in any situation that requires me to be the certain of attention. Even watching tv i get anxiety because i think, if that was me i couldnt do that. How are they so calm! And so the cycle begins and i trap myself. I am close to letting it overwhelm me i have to say. However, on the flipside I listened to the session 5 audio for a full hour yesterday. I downloaded an app to record my own voice reading the attitude statements in slow talk to try and keep me on track. You have all encouraged me to focus on the solutions not the problem.

Thank you.


Hi just though I would reply. Quickly to something you just said, about watching television, I would watch tv and feel as you did, I would say how can they do that, I couldn’t, also I would feel if someone slipped up or made a little mistake, I would feel so much anxiety for them, as though it was happening to me, even thought they were fine with making little mistakes, it was no BIG deal. But I just felt for them.
But having a ralional talk about this is very powerful, so I started to observe tv personalities, news readers etc, and watched closely just little mistakes they made, and I realised, they either moved on, or else had a joke about it and moved on.
And it was coming together in my head, as to how we see things as so catastrophic and awful when it comes to us makings mistakes, we don’t accept anything less than perfect from ourselfs. when it’s human and it’s OK to be human and make mistakes.
I remember being out for lunch one day, and a friend spill over a cup of coffee, and all I was thinking, oh I’m so glad that wasn’t me, I would have wanted the ground to swallow me up, ( things like this has happened me in the pass and I would ridicule myself and think about it for weeks,
And now a couple months back I was out for lunch, and I knocked a cup of coffee over, this time I was able to laugh about it, joke about it and move on. And could say to myself it’s ok. That’s why rational talking is so powerful and your brain is sorting out all those irrational thoughts and Beliefs, ANTS.
It’s about accepting everything about yourself even faults, failures, it’s just no big deal.


You are right. I know you are right. So often I look at things that dont even impact me directly and let them cause me anxiety. For days on end I constantly turn every little situation to myself and think, im so glad thats not me! How would i handle that…then boom anxiety. So it goes on & on. Exhausting. We are pretty self-involved haha.

I tend to view everyone else as calm & competant but I dont give myself the same respect.

Today was a tough one. That tight chest & foggy thinking seemed to follow me. I got up, got active. Engaged with people, visited family & i just couldnt get free of it. Tomorrow i will try again :blush: