Until when I should continue


Hi , can I please know after finish doing the therapy should I continue reviewing daily ? What should I do ? I have made a massive progress but when my anxiety will stop? Thank you


Hi Zainab,
Glad to hear the therapy has been going well for you.
I started the therapy book about 16 months ago and finished about 4 months ago. Compared to when
I first started there has been a massive improvement.
My thoughts are a lot more rational and I have now have inner peace. When Negative thoughts occasionally come, my brain automatically starts to shut them down.
I tend to read power statements regularly and have made lists of paragraphs from other handouts to read daily.
Also practicing relaxation daily…
Building up my behavioural strategies and reinforcing them with self talk.
I have found new meaning by going back over old handouts.
I also found I had a deeper underlying depression that I didn’t seem to notice underneath the anxiety.
We all have different forms and types of anxiety, so I suppose it is a matter of relaxing, not pressuring ourselves, keep reading and practicing and slowly but surely the anxiety will be gone.
All the best,


I think we should all review the therapy. I would not tell people to expect to be over social anxiety by the first time through the series. In fact, putting a time schedule on this only adds pressure, even if subtle. Similar to what Dr. Richards says in the therapy. We have anxiety because we think about anxiety… we won’t be over social anxiety if we keep thinking when will be over social anxiety. I’m also glad you are feeling much better. You deserve to feel so. You committed to this relearning. It takes our emotions longer to catch up with our thoughts about our progress, and it takes longer for concepts to truly sink in. That’s what happened for me and for others I see in the group. You won’t know what will stand out for you in the therapy until you review it again. For sure it will help, though. We need to keep reinforcing the therapy until it really becomes automatic. Only you will know when you can say that is happening the majority of the time. I hope that is encouraging, because you have gotten better, and you will only continue to as you review this stuff.