Unable to use slow talk


I have gone over the material to practice slow talk, however, when I try to use slow talk I still continue to speak fast and not slow down. How can I actually slow talk if I go back to speaking fast?

Also, how do I know if I’m going too slow or still too fast (mainly when doing the practicing for) as it can sometimes feel I’m taking way too long, I do know it will take some getting used to.


Hi iHEX,

Congratulations on starting the therapy :slight_smile:. Like you say in your question, ‘Practice slow talk’. The therapy is all about learning and practicing. You don’t have to be perfect. From my experience I would suggest using Dr Richard’s audio as a guide. As you read along with him. As far as I know Slow talk is designed to relax you and help sink in the therapy deeper. All the best,



Hello iHEX,

Slow talk may take some time and practice to get used to, especially for people who are used to talking really fast. As for whether or not you are talking slow enough, you can try using slow talk with a close friend or relative and ask them for feedback as to whether you are talking slower than usual. The idea though is to do this around someone that you are comfortable with, as trying this with someone who talking to causes a lot of anxiety will only reinforce the anxiety.

But chances are you are talking slower than normal but you probably don’t realize it. With some time and practice you’ll be able to see and notice the difference.




I think the speed of news anchors is the best. They usually talk about complex and serious issues and yet it is fairly easy to follow them. They give you time to understand what they are saying.