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My name is Siobhan and I am from County Offaly, Ireland*** I am 52 years of age! Would love to hear from people in and around my area, cheers***


Hello Siobhan - I’m on Session 4…I have kind of been slacking for last few days…need to get back to reading, which I started to do this evening but we are getting ready for kitchen cabinets and we had to clean behind fridge, stove, etc.

Feelings of inferiority? I don’t really have tips for that…I guess when I feel that way I kind of side step - maybe it is automatic…I don’t think about it and I just get away and avoid those people as best I can. I think the people that intimidate me the most are the pretty, slim, social people who just seem perfect, and I really don’t hang around those kinds of people…usually I go to work and come home. I would like to be free of any inferiority, though. Hopefully that will come later in the series.

Going blank…today, my boss asked me something about what did Mr.X say…I had talked to Mr. X 5 minutes before and I just went blank and said “I can’t remember”. Normally that would panic me. This time I thought I am taking my time until I remember the answer…Then finally I did remember. When I am in a group of strange people I usually just clam up…so no tips there…not yet anyway. My best social tip is to drink …but I don’t do that very much. Usually just at annual work Christmas party and used to be when my brother and wife would come in from out of town and the family would get together, but since my mom died, they don’t really come anymore…me and my boyfriend don’t hang out with other couples…I would love to be normal, have friends and hang out.

I think the doom and gloom sounds like depression which often accompanies this disorder…I take 100 mg of Zoloft per day…it keeps that at bay I believe. I have taken it for 21 years now!! So I am hesitant to make any changes with that.

My focus is just to feel normal. To live normally without feeling like a freak. To love myself more. To forgive myself more and thus be able to accept and forgive others more. I think one reason that I am so isolated, in addition to social anxiety (or maybe this is part of social anxiety - not sure) is that I am so judgmental of others and I think that really falls back on me judging my own self and coming up short. I’m really a huge introvert.

Hobbies are playing games on the internet, learning to prepare vegan meals, yoga and spending time with my boyfriend and daughter (she’s 25). I love to read and love playing with my dogs and cats. I love court TV shows like Judge Judy…is she on TV in Ireland? I work as a secretary/'paralegal in a law office…30 years…eeek…I think I’m so entrenched in this job…it is a comfortable rut.

I’m on facebook - Joan Roberts Jackson - and my email is jjackson0625@hotmail.com if you would like to contact me …

You are still a young woman at 52…don’t ever, ever give up! Would love to learn more about you also…esp. since we are both about the same age…::slight_smile:


I am from Texas. 40 year old male. Thanks!


Hi Joan, good to hear from you - hope all is well! I think we have a good bit in common based on your text. I’m on session 13 and am feeling better just reading the handouts - have not been putting therapy into much action though. I will have to work on behavioural therapy much more. I do not get alot of opportunities to practice it! Anyway, I’ll just have to generate more activities to put what I 've being learning into practice. To talk about myself, I am interested in philosophical and spiritual subjects, I read a lot. I also like to travel, just love holidays by the sea - I like to listen to light classical music, going to the concert hall - I have a pet jack russel, love taking him on walks in the countryside* I hope CBT is the answer to our social anxiety as there is little else we can do about our many symptoms - are u attending a CBT group? I am sure it would be the necessary add on help we need so desperately* must sign off now, cheers Siobhan*


Hi everyone!I am lotus originally from India currently living in Arizona.I am dealing with social anxiety for as long as I can remember.I have reached 8th session and made a lot of progress through online sessions.
I wish everyone good luck.


Hi I’m 28 years old female from Safford, AZ I suffer from SAD it’s gotten a lot worse as I got older it’s nice to know that there are others who go through this panic inside it’s so fustrating.


Hey guys! I’m Adam, 21, from NYC. Just joined this program, it’s so nice to have access to people from a similar walk of life, it feels so…new!

Wish everyone the best!


Hi i am karan 24 from india


My name is Linda. I am from Latvia… (Sometimes in Sweden) If anyone ever want to share stories or have a friend, drop me a message! I’ll be super happy!


Hi Becca, I’m 35 from Minnesota too.


Hi Linda. How is it going? Have started the program? I’m on session 3, still early.


Northampton, england


Hello, I am 33 male, living in Ecuador. I speak Spanish. I hope to meet people with SA and share experiences. Feel free to contact me.


Hi im from northern ireland, 37, male


hi i’m from South Africa as well ( George). Are you still going the therapy?



I am 16 and living near London, UK

My SA is not that bad but still in some situations it does show up


Si hablas español y quieres compartir experiencias puedes escribirme a jlumez83@gmail.com


Hi ColinCam32,

I’m in Bristol UK, if you fancy a skype chat sometimes as a way to pair up and encourage each other then add me on skype nick.girling2.


Hi Siobhan, I am in the UK. I am looking to talk to others via Skype as a means of encouragement and accountability. I am a long-time sufferer of social anxiety that has worsened in recent years but I am ready to finally give it the time it needs to conquer it. Add me on skype Nick.Girling2 if this would be helpful for you.


Nick, Male, 28.



My name is Nick and I live in the UK. I am starting a group with others with SA over Skype, or Whatsapp that speak English and have a similar time-zone. I am willing to lead this group, as per Dr. Richards advice above, and can set Skype meetings for us to come together to discuss troubling situations or symptoms and to help each other set goals and as well as give encouragement to overcome them.

One of the major things I have noticed is that SA affects people in different ways. What is anxiety provoking to one person may not be for another, and I think there is a lot to learn from this. It teaches us that these responses are habitual and based on prior experience, and with the correct encouragement and exposure we can overcome these symptoms step-by-step.

Even if just one person joins then we will be a force twice as strong to aid each other overcome SA.

I will set up a Whatsapp group once I receive the first response. You can add me on Whatsapp and send a message using this number: +447935896541. And here is my Skype add: Nick.Girling2

I look forward to hearing from any of you guys and girls.