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Hello, My name is Rajeev. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota.


hi, my name is alex, im a 32yo male and im from germany. i live on the far western end of it so in principle i could meet with people from eastern france, luxemburg or maybe belgium. i speak only english and german tho.

i would be very interested in getting a behavioral group together or just to meet up to do other activities (or both).


USA Chicago
Skype ID: amphipolis publishing


Anyone from Northern Ireland? Near Belfast or Derry?

Drop me private message, please :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, nice to meet you.
I am Alex from Moscow, Russia, 31 years old, male.

Interested in attending behavioral group. Perhaps, even visiting Social Anxiety Institute, but I hope to overcome SAD using this course.

Anyways, let’s stick together, support and help each other on our way to full recovery.



Hi. I’m in Canada. British Columbia.


My name is Siobhan and I am from Ireland+


My name is Siobhan from Ireland and look forward to chatting with others who suffer from acute SAD and avoidance patterns 50, years young♥people who are almost housebound! Help! Would appreciate any input, help**Lonely & alone***


I am Siobhan from Ireland*


Hi, my name is Marion and I live in Northern Germany. I’m 31 years old and just started with session #2. Nice to meet you all!


I’m Bianca from Brazil. It’s hard to find SA groups here :sweat_smile:


Hi there how is things going,? Im from Ireland but living in n.z just thought it would be good to touch base with someone who is Irish…


Ella, 34 years old, from California, USA here! :slight_smile:


Hi. Simon from Sweden here :wave:


Hi, I’m Joan, age 57, from Virginia, USA. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m from Malaysia 31 years old, female


Hi Joan, welcome to CBT Forum+ I am 52years old and would love an online buddy to bring more excitement in to the very well arranged assignments by Dr. Richards -I am on Session 10 now, would u like to correspond through the forum + Siobhan in Ireland+++


Yes of course! Hello Siobhan!


P. S. I found out thru DNA that I am 27% Irish! So hello sista! :slight_smile:


Hi Joan, hope this note finds u in good health - what stage of CBT are u on at this point - I’m having difficulties with session 12 - I believe, if u have acute anxiety with all the symptoms, just about any observant person will notice + maybe, I need to reread this handout to see if I’m missing out on something Dr. Richards may have said in the handout. Have u any tips for feelings of inferiority around people and going blank automatically when in conversations with others***also, I wake up with feelings of doom and gloom bordering on dread every morning - is this natural for SAD sufferers - are there any areas of this therapy that u are focused on - would love to discuss it with you - have u any goals for the future because I’ve almost given up at my age! Do u have any hobbies, interests! Looking forward to hearing from u+++Siobhan.