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Hello, I’m Nikhil 25 years old from Mumbai, India.


I am from UK Bristol/Stroud area too I am 21! - the most self conscious part of my life as my doctor told me :joy: I love to bring humour to this condition it really helps… after all you have to laugh at yourself sometimes!!


Hi, I’m a 30 year old woman, and am originally from the Pennsylvania and Delaware area in the U.S., but am currently living in Grenada, West Indies (Caribbean) for the next year.


I am from NE Oklahoma.


Hi @hideNseek, I beat you with age - 68 - and only now putting a name to something that has caused so many unpleasantness throughout my life. Didn’t realise that one could improve quality of life by addressing SA.


I am from Randburg in South Africa


I have a Skype group started and need more people


Hiya, I am female from Scotland, UK :panda_face:


i am aileen chen . i am 49 years old. from edmonton,ab, canada


Hey, I’m Kris, 28 year old female in Oklahoma. I think this program is precisely what I need!


Hi, i am from Uruguay, male, 21 years old.


How has the therapy been going for you? I’m in Canada too, Quebec.


Hi Everyone!

I’m Caroline from West Michigan, United States


Hi Kourtni,

I am also from SE Michigan. I know you wrote this several months ago but I am a newbie. Hope you are still overcoming your social anxiety.


Hi everyone.

My name is Andrew. I’m 27 years old and from New York, United States.


I’m Rachel. I’m 30 and from Michigan. I’m really excited to have found this treatment with Dr. Richards, someone who really understands SA!


I’m a 46 year old male from Washington State


Welcome Rachel,

I am a newbie also. You are the third one I have seen from Michigan since joining only 2 days ago. Our weather :umbrella: and all the nerveracking roadwork :construction: may have driven us to seek the solace of friendship quicker than we might have otherwise… :telephone_receiver:


@digital_hermit Nice to meet you!


Hi all.
I’m Marko from Helsinki Finland, 31 years old.