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Hi, I’m Bryan. I’m 40 and living in Utah, USA. I’ve got a job that entails a lot of interaction with people, and I get very anxious to the point where it really affects my job & life in general. I’m hoping that the strategies in this program will help me work better with people, as well as improve my ability to function in social situations in general.


Hi all! I am April and I live in north Texas in the United States. Very excited about starting the program and believe it will change my life for the better. :smile:


I’m Emily from South Carolina, US.


Hi James here, representing anxiety in the UK - England! :smile:


Ali from kuwait,male, currently studying in malta.


I am in Barcelona, Spain xx


Hello! I’m Raphael, from Brazil \o


Hello! Central Florida


Hi! I´m João from Portugal and I´m 28 year´s old. I´m really determined to overcome SA. Let´s help each other on this critical mission!


I am 29 years old female, U.S.


31yo male from the United States


I am 33 years old from the beatiful Costa Rica :slight_smile:


Hey I’m 23 years old female from uae dubai…


Hello! i’m vidyut, 33yrs old from Mumbai, India. i wish fellow members good luck in their endeavor.


Hello! i’m Oana, 32, female from Romania. Anyone else from these part of the world?:slight_smile:


Hi all, I’m Arrietty and I am from Scotland. If anyone locally would like to email/chat, please feel free to contact me. I have tried to private message but not sure if this forum allows it or I am doing something wrong?


Iam from saudi Arabia , Jeddah , Iam 33 male


Hi Everyone! I’m Pete from West Essex, UK. Would anyone local like to share this with me?


Hi Dominic I’m from Bristol (UK) too! know of any groups going around here?


Hey, Steve here 40 male Canada. Hi all