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I am from Hungary , 39 , male.


I am from Morocco, 28 years old, male


I am from Trinidad & Tobago , female, 32


I´m a 27-year-old male from Finland.


im a male from Denmark age 32


Hello. I’m Jenn, a 32-year old female living in Pennsylvania, United States.



I am Robert from the Western United States.


I am from Melbourne Australia, male, 37,


Hi Jenn. My name is Rachel, I’m 31 and live in NE Ohio. Message me if you want to talk sometime.


Hi Rachel - it’s nice to meet you and I’m happy to see someone else from the US here in the institute. I’d love to chat with you sometime. :smile:


Thanks for replying Jenn. A lot of the threads I find on the internet are from years ago. It’s nice to see an updated one :blush: Is there a way we can correspond through private message? Email or some other avenue? I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, I’m Gail from India, 18 years old…I’m so glad I’ve found this forum. I’ve struggled with SAD for so many years now, and then I stumbled onto this website, and it’s such a relief. I feel better in social situations already, knowing I’m not alone. :smiley:


Thank you guys sharing your personals here…I really appreciate your posts. Maybe we can make a common chat somewhen & somewhere to share useful things more quicker…
Any idea where?


Hi, I’m Angelique. 39 yr old, married, mother of two young children. We live in the western part of the U.S. Best wishes to all of you.


Hi, I’m 26, female, in NE Ohio.


Hi. I am from Texas, 43 year old, female


Hi. I’m 26, male living in Tampa, FL


Hi ! Excited that I found this page, 39 years old male here from Germany


Hi all. 27, male from London, England.


Hello! At 40, I’m a woman just realizing that I’ve got some social anxiety. There’s no doubt in my mind that life would be better without it. Wishing you all luck as well! Sincerely from Colorado USA, Naomi.