To all you foreigners: Does reading the handouts in English still help?


Since this is cognitive stuff, I was just wondering whether it’s a good idea for one to translate the handouts to their own language (which would be a hell lot of work as there seem to be a lot of them) to benefit from their use.

If English is not your native language, did you still find manage to get some things to stick onto your mind or you had to translate them?


Good question.

Can anyone help with their opinions if English is not your first language?

Loner, where are you from? Are you a user of the audio therapy series?



Bulgaria, but I was thinking that maybe if I am able to interpret the English language as my own language aka when I hear somebody talking I don’t even have to think for a second to translate to myself what they are saying I believe reading the handouts to myself would be the same but I still have some second thoughts so I just wanted to make sure before I begin to start reading the handouts weekly.

And yes, I only have the old audio tapes and the book. I won’t be able to afford the new series but would you guys recommend I try them instead? Looks like there are new sessions, handouts and even videos. What kind of material do the videos actually offer? Is it some kind of animated videos that guide us on how to do the behavioral bits or are they something else?


If you can take your notes, your reinforcement from the series and translate that into your native language and repeat that daily instead - I think that’s great. If you understand English well enough, which you seem to, then rationally understanding the material is enough for listening to the audio and knowing what to do. Perhaps then, your daily habit can be translated for your own use of reinforcement, especially if you think that would get into your thoughts and beliefs faster, more naturally. I would imagine that’s true for me - doing my reinforcement in English will be more natural than doing it in Spanish because English will be my reflex language. That’s just my opinion.

Both series have the same foundation. I’ve now reviewed both, although for my original therapy and time spent overcoming social anxiety - all of that was the older CD version. So, I won’t say you can go wrong if you do that. I do think the new series has been updated in many good ways - mostly because Dr. Richards added to handouts and rearranged the concepts in a way which is also good. But again, both are going to help you. The videos are videos of Dr. Richards further explaining what is already in the series. They are additional help, not necessary.

We are working on an update to the series now. Again, I want to be clear for anyone using the series - the most important part is not additional stuff we try to provide. The most important is the audio and the handouts and your daily habit of therapy. In the update, I hope we have by the end of this year, my goal is to redo the videos, update them based on the most frequently asked questions we get and additional ideas/problem areas that I see people discuss the most. Just trying to improve upon the supplemental areas of the program. You needn’t worry if you aren’t watching the videos. Supplemental information like the songs, videos and supplemental handouts are there for extra help or questions if a person is so inclined.

Take care!