This is really helping


Hey guys! I’m new here. I’m a counseling psychology PsyD student. I have been struggling with social anxiety since I was a kid. I was diagnosed as a teen but never got proper therapy for it. I got self help from philosophy, psychology and science. I managed to get here without really tackling my anxiety (by having top grades and excellent exam scores for graduate school). Now in my first practicum I’m struggling a lot again so I decided to get this online therapy program. I’m a very rational person so this program made perfect sense to me. As a psychology student I get free therapy at my college campus but there were no available cognitive therapists and the sessions weren’t too productive for my situation. I’m just in my first week and use slow talk during my class last night and it made a world of difference. My self-consciousness and my automatic thoughts always made me freeze on important situations but last night it was different. My professor and classmates all said something about how different I sounded (in a good way). This is just the start!



Hello! Welcome to our community.

I’m glad to hear that the program is already helping you. It’s just a start, but a start is good, right? Each step is good. It’s certainly good to remember these positive moments, the progress we have made, when we feel down at other times, or when we experience setbacks.

Slow Talk is a powerful strategy in so many ways. It’s good that you already see that. It’s also good that you are already open to the therapy. This may sound simple. But, for many of us, there is a resistance to therapy. Perhaps for many, this therapy is proposed after a long list of failed attempts, years of lost hope. Sadly many get to a place where a deep ANT is that we will never overcome this. Again it’s irrational. We can, but that small strong thought deep down in there, and other reasons, helps to keep people from fully engaging with the therapy.

I’m excited to hear how your journey progresses. Keep us informed, and come here anytime for discussion and support.



I’m so glad to hear of your great start!! :blush: Keep on with the therapy!! Trust me, you will soon have even more progress! I am on session 11 now and I am excited to keep continuing on!! Good luck to you and keep us posted! :smile:


Thanks for the reply! I find the program to be perfect for me and maybe thats why I have no resistance or doubts about it. It starter with my worst problem. I’m a very fast talker due to the racing thoughts. Everyone tells me the same thing. Thats why I got this program because it started helping immediately. Other therapy attempts were futile as you say many people feel. I encourage everyone to grind it out!


Thanks for the encouragement! Great to see other people excited about this program. It’s really something.


Your welcome!! And I am the same way as you describe yourself as a very fast talker. I have so much on my mind that I want to say because my thoughts go really fast and I tend to slur words into another. The therapy is helping me to learn the power of slowing down