Texting anxiety anyone?


I tend to get very anxious when people text me on messenger.
When i reply back my mind goes into this over-analyzing mode.
I feel i have to think very very hard to find something to reply, and when i DO reply i get this very strong feeling what i am writing is silly or “wrong” somehow, like this is my anxiety writing… its not natural etc…

These are all ANTS, i know. Very much ANTS that is.
BUT I find it harder to challenge this texting anxiety compared to talking to people, because it doesnt matter always who the person is, there is no “first easy step” :thinking:
And it seems a bit separate from the talking anxiety.

I guess asking and thiking too much about this problem will only reinforce it too… ohh the paradoxes


Haha yes I get that too. The sound of my phone going off gives me a short burst of panic. If it’s someone that I know really well then its pretty easy but anyone else I tend to overthink things. I wonder if I’m texting back too soon or if the message is too long or if I sound stupid. I guess the more you do it the more you get used to it.

Answering and talking on phones I find really difficult. I’ve actually missed out on jobs from my fear of phone calls. And even people I know say that I sound weird on the phone sometimes :unamused:

I find talking to people in person a lot easier too. Well not all people…