Taking SA step by step


So I was wondering if someone could explain to me exactly what it means to take SA “step by step”. So if I am asked to attend a social event that causes me high levels of SA, should I not go because it would be taking a big step too soon?

Should I just attend social settings that cause me no anxiety or just a little SA first and then eventually go to social events that cause me higher amounts of SA later on when I’m further along in the therapy series? I wasn’t sure what was the right way to do this. I don’t want to take big steps if I’m not ready for them.


Throughout the series there are moments when Dr. Richards discusses taking things step by step, always in a one step manner, always in a way that can be handled.

This does not mean avoid everything if you feel you cannot handle it. Perhaps now you might choose not to do something, sure. But complete avoidance is also not our friend. There is usually… always something we can do to break down an event into at least a few small things we can do there, so that we have done something but not too much.

We apply this step by step approach to all things - to patience, to changes we expect, to the time it takes, to the activities you will begin to engage with more and more, to the practicing of therapy first at home and then moving it slowly into the outside world.