Social Anxiety Automatic Cycle vs The Fighting Paradox



I have a question. I just finished listening to Session 12. It was so relieving and soothing to hear. I’m home for the summer and finished my summer class, and I have some deep social anxieties about being at home. So it was great to have some of those anxieties gently and rationally challenged. Anyways, in terms of the therapy, I had heard in the audio series and from some people on the forum that it’s important to review the Fighting Paradox daily. It’s my second time through the series, so I was wondering if it’s necessary to still review this handout daily. Also, could I review the Social Anxiety Automatic Cycle daily or alternate it with the Fighting Paradox since they have similar messages? I realize that in the end that it’s my own choice, but I’d like to do the series in the most effective way. It would be great to get outside opinions on this.

Thank you


By the way, I realize that it sounds odd to have social anxiety about being at home, but there’s where I’m at. I feel if I explain it too much, I’ll just sound crazy, but I’m going to anyways. I basically assume I’m doing something annoying when neighbors and others act in ways that I consider angry or passive aggressive anger, from banging around loudly to shotgun/fireworks type noises, to barking dogs to other such things. Since over the years I’ve become so anxious and at times have done so little when people act like this that I think my breathing, anxiety, twitches, etc. are very bothersome to people. I think this whenever people act in ways that I don’t understand and can interpret as annoyance or anger. I realize how sad and irrational this sounds, and that I’m personalizing and probably expertly executing a bunch of other cognitive distortions. I’m working on it. I’d still appreciate an answer to my first post above this one. Thank you :grin:


You say you are doing the series the second time. Good job! I think you should not concern yourself with doing it perfectly. Yes, it’s good to get opinions, too, so anyone, please chime in! My opinion is that you review the series and focus on what means most to you. Continue it in that way, without pressure, applying it to your life and what are your areas to work on. You will know this best and you can trust that in yourself. We all need to review this material, especially early on, and then repeat. Repetition is key. When it comes to the point where the person is doing the series multiple times, I always suggest keeping an open mind about listening again to parts you might not even think you need. Change is constant and the next time you go through the audio, you may find new things you didn’t hear before. It’s worth it. But also I suggest trusting yourself, knowing what YOU need to focus on more, and changing it up so that you stay with the daily habit of therapy.


Hi Mateo,

That’s helpful. I appreciate your feedback. I feel more confident about how to proceed and trusting myself to move forward with the therapy in the way that’s most helpful to me.