Slow down physically


I realize that I even do the daily task very fast … Like walking ,cooking , cleaning etc. besides slowing down my talking and thinking , do I need to slow down physically too?


I’m the same way. I move really fast and I have to consciously slow down my body.


I have noticed this about myself too. I tend to walk fast in public. I dont notice it until i walk with people as they usually become far behind me and then i stop and wait for them to catch up. and its usually when I’m anxious or self conscious that this happens.


This is a very important point worth mentioning, and i’m not sure why Dr’ Richards didn’t elaborate on this a little more in the course.

Social Anxiety naturally makes you walk fast in social situations, which is normal, because you want to see yourself out of the situation.
My experience has shown that if you force yourself to calm down, like Dr’ Richards said, and you also force yourself not to walk out fast of the public situation, the anxiety goes down considerably over time.

Of course in the beginning it will be hard but if you persist and use this strategy together with the other strategies in the system, anyone could with God’s help overcome Social Anxiety.


I have had a few people ask me if I’m in a hurry at grocery stores or out in public. A cashier once started bagging everything very quickly and told me he was nervous about making me late somewhere because I looked so hurried. I actually had nowhere important to be right after that. Until someone tells me, I don’t really notice how fast I’m going, but I realize it is really fast. I hate being out in public alone so I guess I race through everything just to get it all over with without even noticing myself.

Session 2 is helping me see myself and I’m definitely going to have to work on not only slowing my talk and thoughts but my steps and even breathing as well. It does make sense that doing this should decrease our anxiety and help with our racing thoughts.

Good luck!




I took a 8 week MBSR (Mind Based Stress Reduction ) class and it was extremely beneficial. During the class we had to do very slow yoga, meditation, etc. One thing that was suggested was start to take “slow motion” showers and “slow motion” washing the dishes. Pay attention to the soap, how the water feels on your body, etc. as your body slows down and pays attention to what’s its doing (Mindfulness), then the mind begins to slow down as well.



Slowing down not only my speech but also my physical actions (such as walking, looking around in public, etc.) has helped me tremendously. Also, if you drive at all, driving slower (around the speed limit) can help with anxiety as well. It tends to make you feel more calm, instead of allowing the feeling of being rushed to get to where you need to go to take over.

There are many benefits to slowing down; one saying that I feel is cliché but is still very true is to “take the time to stop and smell the roses”. In our society we’re so used to being rushed in the attempt to try to get everything done that we need to, that we forget to sometimes enjoy and appreciate the things around us. One thing that also helps with social anxiety is to focus on the beautiful things in life, such as nice scenery. Focusing on nice things can help get your mind off of negativity.