Situation Specific Anxiety


When I play basketball at my college rec center, I’m way more comfortable talking to people. My self-esteem is way higher as well and overall I feel better. I get anxious everywhere else… classroom, walking around campus, parties while sober. I just wish I could replicate my attitude while playing basketball and carry that with me everywhere else I go. Anyone else have similar experiences?


Yeah, I feel the same whenever I’m doing any exercise. I would try to work out more. It will release endorphins in the short-term. If you work out everyday it will make you feel good in the long-term even when you are not working out or playing basketball.

Also, drinking alcohol will help when you drink it, but it will cause a lot of anxiety in general so I would cut it out completely. If you’re with friends or at a party just say you cut out alcohol for your “diet” if you don’t want to tell them it’s for your anxiety.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


I exercise nearly everyday. Yes it makes me feel better, but it’s more so the environment that I’m in that makes me more comfortable. I played sports growing up and that’s how I socialized my whole life. So naturally more confident in those settings. But when it comes to others, I am completely different.


I see what you’re saying. Yeah, it’s easier to talk to people that you are more similar to and have more in common with. Feeling uncomfortable talking to people that are a lot different from us might not always be a bad thing. When I stopped drinking alcohol about 6 months ago I realized I really didn’t have a lot in common with some of my friends that I would go out to the bars with, so I decided to not hang out with them as much and instead find other friends that I have more in common with.