Should we still be reading the handouts in slow talk?


Should we still be reading the handouts in slow talk for 30 minutes a day? I’ve noticed a slight difference in my speech in everyday situations.


Hi FitAttention, I assume you are still on session 3 since you posted in this thread. Yes, until the end of the therapy you should (preferably) read the handouts in slow talk. Now sometimes maybe you cannot fit in 30 minutes reading all the handouts in slow talk, so maybe you can only read parts of them or read the whole handout but not in slow talk.



Use Slow Talk continuously throughout the therapy. It helps you relax. It helps you slow down. Being calmer will help the therapy messages get into your brain better. Using Slow Talk throughout each and every session is always practicing the skill, getting yourself used to it so that you can more easily bring it out in real life situations.

Remember Slow Talk is not weird or strange or unnaturally slow. It’s not something that most people will ever notice. Anxiety is a speeding up thing, for some people in the rate they actually speak and for most of us in the rate we are worrying and thinking. You want to be able to use Slow Talk as a counter to that - a new, natural rhythm for your speech that will also help to slow down your thoughts and physical reactions. This will become something you can/should always use, so it’s not separated to just session 2 or 3. Use it for all your therapy. Use it in real life situations.

Like everything here, the next question becomes “Do I have to talk in Slow Talk for the rest of my life?” To that I would answer that Slow Talk is, again, not a rhythm of speech that is odd or too slow. It’s just calm and confident and we need this because our speech and thoughts are too speedy as it is. Also, through this therapy and through your life, your anxiety will decrease over time. You will overcome social anxiety. You won’t be thinking, hey I should use the Look Around Technique, or, hey I should use Slow Talk right now… because you won’t be thinking or feeling about anxiety as much or at all. But when/if you do, you remind yourself and then yes, use the tools that you have.