Should I Recommend This Program To My Friend?


Hey guys,

I’m writing to inquire about how this online therapy program can relate to other mental disorders, and whether or not it’s a good idea to recommend it in this specific case:

I told a very dear friend that I was taking this therapy program, and she was super happy for me and also expressed interest in it. She suffers from depression which emerged as a result of her childhood, has taken meds for it before, and says that this does affect her in social situations sometimes.

That in mind, she’s freakin’ resilient as hell - she’s very goal driven and works hard to be the best version of herself and wants to overcome the obstacles in her path - one of the things about her that I admire the hell out of! :slight_smile: She’s good at exercising the social skills she has (and personally I think many people, at first glance, wouldn’t guess that she has any anxiety or depression), and has been reading a CBT book and doing some of the exercises, and she says that while it’s been helping, she’s very interested in this program and the structure it has.

That said, the way she describes it is that she has depression that has caused her to feel socially anxious at times, whereas often in this program it’s the other way around - you have social anxiety that creates depression as a result.

So my question is, could this program help her eliminate her depression and social anxiety as it does for others? I’m very inclined to say yes, as both disorders have very similar behavioral symptoms and thought patterns, and also because of what Dr. Richards said early on, how knowing the root of the anxiety doesn’t mean you can successfully overcome it…

…however, I’m not a licensed therapist, and don’t want to lead someone I care very much about, in the wrong direction by giving uninformed advice.

What do you guys think? Mateo? Anyone else who has been through the therapy and overcome their SAD?