Session 2 Questions


So just practice reading the handouts out loud in slow talk for 30 minutes a day?
What are some exercises to practice slow thinking as well? Meditation?



As it says in the therapy, you can practice Slow Talk with anything you wish, hopefully something calming. You can read just the handouts in Slow Talk. You can read “My Garden” in the supplemental handouts. Sure, you can practice meditation or any other slowing down/calming down technique. Slowing/calming down is a huge part of our early skills for overcoming social anxiety. You’re practicing this now before you move on.

As stated in the therapy and many discussions here, there may not seem to be much to do now for your 30 minutes. Very soon there will be more than enough to fill your time. Very soon. But even now, just sitting down, getting calm, reviewing the handouts and then choosing something to read in slow talk, reviewing perhaps your notes from both sessions 1 and 2, there is enough to fill a daily study time. And we’re not clocking 30 minutes exactly. That’s not the point. Time daily, consistently, and “enough” of it is fine. 30 minutes is an easy target/guideline to shoot for.