Self conscious reading therapy out loud


Hi I’ve noticed that my self consciousness goes up when reading therapy. I then pay less attention to what I’m reading and more on how I sound.

Would it be better to read silently?



I have the same problem katsu. I’ve been obsessed with the sound of my voice, though it sounds perfectly normal to others, for almost 17 years and when I’m reading the therapy I find myself worrying and obsessing on my voice, even the physical vibrations of it in my body, just hyper-focused on it.


Hey Guys, ive had the same problem but as I progressed through the sessions I actually grew to enjoy the sound of my voice. I now record my handouts and play back daily as well as read out loud in my group. My point is it should get better and keep reading out loud- practice makes perfect. Steve

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It’s better to read out loud. When you start to pay attention to the way you sound, calmly bring your thoughts back to the reading. You’re going to be reading the same thing over and over, so don’t worry so much about not catching everything.

This seems to be a common problem, as now four of us have said that they experienced it. It took me about 4 weeks before I could read out loud to myself, in my room with no one else in the house, without a lot of self-consciousness. But I did accomplish this, and it felt very good when I did.


Same here guys. Sometimes feel like I’m missing the message of the therapy because I’m so concerned with how I sound or if other people can hear me reading the handouts. I usually have to put on some ambient music to help me focus on just doing it.


I live in an apartment by myself but I’m even scared that the guy who lives above me can hear me and is annoyed that I’m reading aloud for so long. :expressionless:

But I’ve found that reading aloud is crucial for this series. So if you can do it when no one is home or maybe in your car or something, that would be good. I also think having music on is a good idea to help calm yourself down, like @TheWalkingDread suggested.


I recommend you to be a little rational with the situation and asked yourself if the guy above you can really hear your voice…or if thats just an irrational thought from you speaking out loud. Or what is the big deal even if the guy hears you?


Hi, today I did the first slow talk reading and I feel so so calm, even a bit sleepy, I think my brain gets calmer and reliefed that it needs to rest after a long time of stress