Seattle/Tacoma Activity Group


Hi There!

I’ve been the organizer for South-Enders Shyness and Social Anxiety Meetup Group for the past ten years. Recently, we switched to The Groups Place (Meetup has become nearly unusable) and I just wanted to invite y’all to join us. Just Google “thegroupsplace” and type “South-Enders Shyness and Social Anxiety Friends” in the search field.

I purchased and used Dr. Richards’ Overcoming Social Anxiety Series many years ago - it saved my life! However, our group is primarily activity-based. It’s a great way practice behavioral techniques and have fun at the same time. I’ve had wonderful experiences in the group, and have met so many amazing people over the years! I know I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without Dr. Richards!

If you’re in the Seattle/Tacoma area, please join us.