Releasing excess cortisol


Hi all,
So I completely know the feeling of releasing the excess adrenaline and cortisol in the body after physical activity. It may be a little hard for me to do some sort of physical activity every single day but I will try to do go on the treadmill or even lift weights a few times a week. But every day I listen to music and dance and sing and even laughing helps to release stress. Or even going for walks while listening to audio is calming too. Are these activities all still beneficial to do everyday even if its not actually physical cardio. Any comments on this would be helpful :blush:

I also find that the acceptance handouts are really helpful when you read them slowly. I’ve realized that all of the sessions so far and somehow connected and build on each other. Sometimes I struggle with pressuring myself to do the therapy correctly and perfect because I feel if I do something wrong and don’t practice enough, I won’t get better (another ANT) I am trying to take it easy on myself and to just accept myself. I have moments when I feel excited to use the strategies and I feel energized to overcome SA and then there are some moments when I feel tense and unable to be myself.


Hi Soccer2000,

So far, what I see from each of your posts is that you are applying rationality to your thoughts as much as possible. That’s all you can do, and that’s great. You’re aware that anxiety doesn’t change overnight. You’re aware that it’s not helpful to pressure ourselves or expect too much too fast, even though it’s such a natural tendency to do so. You’re aware that you’re starting to create new habits and reactions while the old ones still exist.

In essence, your posts describe the two competing neural pathways that are at play, at play for all of us as we go through the therapy.

I think it’s great that you describe reading the handouts more slowly. I totally agree with you. We all need to do that. And especially those of us who tend to speed up more, pressure ourselves more, perhaps deal with symptoms more - we really need to slow down. But, I should not make such distinctions, really. The main point here is that it’s always good, always better to slow down for the therapy to sink in.

Accepting the good with the bad, accepting the current reality while still working for current and future change is a continuing part of this process that doesn’t come easily but very good when you can remind yourself of that.

Have a great day and great week!