Quit my new job in avoidance, seeking advice of how to move forward


I recently started a full time job working in a warehouse, picking and packing stock items. The job is lower pay and responsibilities than I am able to get but I thought it would be a good place to start in getting back to work. However, three weeks after starting my job I had a bad weekend and quit the job, massive avoidance on my part. The thought of doing another 5 day week felt like too much.

I know that if I had continued that over time I would have got used to the job and I would have felt less anxiety about it. But giving up has become a real problem of mine. Can anyone else relate to this?

My thoughts about remedying this are to find a part-time job, get used to it and then move up to a full time job once I’ve dealt with working part-time. Or is this simply avoidance, should I go back full-time and just deal with it.