Problem finding realistic distractions


I am having a hard time finding distractions that can be incorporated into the realities of my day to day life.

My ANTS seem to be strongest when I am engaged in the more mundane tasks in life (e.g. getting the kids ready in the morning, working/writing, driving, watching shows with my young kids before bed etc.).

Unfortunately, many times I can’t just start singing/humming, pick up and leave to do exercise or another enjoyable hobby etc. everytime an ANTS thought(s) arise. These thoughts are running threw my head all day and the suggestion that I should just stop what I am doing and go do something more engaging just isn’t a realistic strategy for me.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for distractions that can be employed when signing aloud or engaging in something more enjoyable isn’t an option?

Thanks for your help.

  • Kevin


Totally agree!
For me is ANYTHING outside of myself. Tree, sky, etc. or putting my thoughts, if only for a few seconds on a peaceful scene (place you may have gone to in the past) or on the love you have for your children. ANYTHING if only for a few seconds to break that ruminating in your head.
Hope that helps :blush::blush:


Great advice. Thanks Kel. Much appreciated. Hope you are well. Take care of yourself.