Pedantic or Rational thoughts


This is a semi serious post, I am laughing while typing.
I have always been a bit pedantic. Spelling, grammar etc (I am using the English, English spellings here), although I am not perfect at it which I understand. Misspelled menus, signs etc.
I am unsure if this is related to my anxiety or perfectionism, although I am a lot more relaxed about it now, not twitching while reading the specials board in a restaurant or bar.
‘De-Stressing Strategies’:
Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Then they are referred to as a turtle and a rabbit.
These are different animals.
Would you say crocodile and alligator, horse and pony?
Apart from this, the therapy is going so well :smile:
All the best,


I’ll pass this on to the creator. :wink: