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Hi everybody. I just started this program and was wondering if anyone else also worked a twelve step program or was/is involved in other therapy than just SA? I’m very, or have been, obsessive/compulsive and have addictions. I’m my other therapy, I do family of origin work, inner child work, codependency recovery, adult child of alcoholic recovery, trauma, ptsd…etc. How does this SA therapy tie into the other therapies? I’ve been working on trying to get in touch with feelings and now I have to try to ignore them, at least the anxiety ones.


I am a veteran of 2 12 step programs. 2 years after starting this series, I started working another 12 step group that requires a lot of collaboration with fellow members- I would not have been willing and able to to work the 12 step tools without Dr. Richards’ series under my belt. Recovery in one builds on the others, in my experience. I have heard it said that AA is also based on CBT. Hope you have as much success as I have had (and I hope I continue to get better).


Thanks for your response. I could not speak in the 12 step meetings before. Im able to now speak in smaller groups. I do ok with it although Im very critical of what Ive said…Ive actually been a speaker at a couple meetings but it took everything I had to do it…I think the 12 step meetings will help me with the behavioral part of the therapy…I can choose smaller, less anxiety filled meetings, and work my way up from there…I wish you well with the meetings and the anxiety.


Hi Knuter,
It’s great to here there are other recovering addicts in this SA community. I tried to recover using the 12 steps several times but failed to achieve an acceptable level of comfort in my own skin. I suspected that I had deeper issues stemming from childhood. It felt like a deep shame to my core that would come over me in certain social situations (including working with my sponsor and sharing in meetings) Thanks to DR. Richards CBT I have learned the strategies that work and am now thriving in my 12 step fellowship and I get to help many others along the way. Keep up the good work.



Thanks Mike, that gives me hope…I can relate to the feelings of deep shame in certain social situations. I’ve been following the therapy religiously so far and look forward to getting thru the anxiety issues…It has really held me back in life as I’m sure it has most everybody else that has it…Take care.


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