Not able to accept my peace, even though I want to


Whenever I try to accept my peace, I feel that awesome feeling of peace and calmness, I feel like my brain mentally blocks it and stops it. I try to gently and nicely get that feeling to return, but just seems to drift away. Anyone ever feel like this before?


Hi Diego,

I have trouble feeling peaceful and calm as well as accepting myself at times. I think it’s like all of the other therapy concepts. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, BUT if you keep practicing the therapy as advised, they will work more often and better over time as they get reinforced. For the time being, I would say the way to deal with it is to keep practicing the therapy consistently and gently using slow talk and don’t worry or pressure yourself about the handouts. It takes time for the brain to absorb and process and work out out how to deal with the information provided in the therapy handouts and sessions.

Our brains have a lot of anxious habits and noise that need to get quieted down as we get healthier. Then there will be more room for the healthy feelings and thoughts to sink in.

It’s a chicken and egg thing. Practice feeling relaxed and peaceful and don’t worry if it doesn’t last or work well. Practice responding to anxiety and ANTs thoughts in a healthy way and don’t worry if it doesn’t work well. You can try to distract yourself in those high anxiety/ANTs times if you can. The practices will help and reinforce each other and getting better at one will make the others easier.

Don’t try too hard at any of it. Maybe I’m too lax about the therapy but I think trying too hard can create pressure which is just a component of anxiety and helps feed it.

Stay patient with yourself and your process. Good luck.


Hey Cyan, thanks for the response I appreciate it. Yeah, you’re right, I need to keep pushing forward and not give up even when times seem tough and hard. I will most definitely keep trying to find peace and calmness as much as I can for sure. Well, have an awesome day and week Cyan, sorry for the late reply. :smiley:


Hi Diego,

I was listening to this audiobook and realized it talks a lot about cultivating positive, compassionate peaceful feelings toward yourself. I have a lot of work to do with myself in this area.

If you’re interested, I put the link below.

Thank you for the nice response also!

Hope you have a great week :grinning:


Hey cyan, thanks for the link, i’ll check it out and see if it helps me! I hope you also have an awesome day and week!! :smile: