New Zealand group?



Are there any good groups around the B.O.P in New Zealand? I would prefer an online group, since I am unable to travel.
There are some groups up in Auckland, but unfortunately that is too far from where I am.

New Zealand doesn’t have that much available for anxiety help because of our small country size.


An online group is an interesting idea. Not as good as meeting in person, but more often than not, there are no others in the area. Are you doing the audio series? What are your ideas for an online group? I have ideas, but since the online group was your idea, I want to hear your ideas first.


Hi. do you know how can I reach the group in Auckland??? I live close to Auckland so I could get there. thanks


I have started a group in Wellington, NZ: and


Is anyone still interested in an online group? Or potentially getting together in Auckland, NZ? I’m a bit wary of what a face-to-face group would do/mean in terms of all of this… and also confidentiality/feelings of shame about having SA…


I’d be interested to meet up with people who have SA in Wellington and maybe get together and discuss our progress throughout the week, etc