My social anxiety is visibly noticeable to others


This session is based on the premise that others do not know or notice you have SA. Unfortunately my social anxiety is very noticeable to others. For example when I’m at meetings or training courses I can hardly speak, I can hardly breathe and have extreme rapid heart beat which results in losing the ability to talk properly. Dr Richards mentions a small minority do have physical symptoms however he doesn’t offer a solution for them. Can anyone help? Other work colleagues do find it weird and query why I am in the job I’m in which obviously adds to the anxiety.


Hi Gaz,

Like you my SAD is noticeable to people around me. It is a terribly uncomfortable thing and unfortunately contributes to the mental anxiety also. Not only do you fear your anxious thoughts but also your physical anxiety symptoms. For me, whilst I am working towards tackling and controlling my anxious thoughts I am taking beta blockers to help with the physical side of things. They work by blocking the action of adrenaline on the heart, thus keeping heart rate and blood pressure under control. They don’t completely eliminate the physical effects as their main use is not anxiety but they definitely do help! You should be able to get them prescribed via your GP or through an online prescription. The doctor will make sure it is safe for you to use them before prescribing as obviously someone with low blood pressure could have some dangerous side effects.

Hope this helps:)


I was hoping not to use any medication however i give it some consideration. It might be my only option to conquer SA because at the moment I dont get a chance to use any of the strategies such a slow talk or loosening up as the andrenalin takes over.
Thanks for your reply.