My Dad Tells me that I slow talk too slow


Hey all, I just wanted to ask, recently I tried practicing slow talk with my dad, and he told me I talk too slowly and I should speed up. What do I do?


Hi Joseph, I think the actual meaning of Slow Talk is not talking slowly but rather not speeding up. Just try not to rush yourself when talking (of course this is more difficult in practice especially when you are anxious). Maybe it is a bit too early to try behavioral therapy as well (i.e. maybe it is too early to try using slow talk with other people). Good luck!


Savvas, are you a staff here? Or are you a normal community member, like I am?


Dear Savvas, I agree with the first part of your message, that I should just try not to rush myself when talking. Sorry, I disagree with the second part of your message, on it being too early to try behavioral therapy. I read Dr Richard’s handout on starting to use slow talk with other people. It said I should start with people that I am very close to first. One example would be my dad. Also, by talking with people I would be able to get feedback. For example, it was my dad who told me that I was speaking slowly. Without his advice, I wouldn’t be writing here asking for your advice.
However, I do appreciate your trying to help. Thanks.


Hi again Joseph. I am a normal community member. You are right about behavioral therapy, what I meant to say is don’t try it if you are feeling very uncomfortable with it, and that there is no need to rush about doing it.


Hi Joseph,

Is there anyone else that you feel comfortable practicing with? It may be a good idea to get another opinion. What helped me most was recording myself, while reading calmly. It helped me to find a pace that’s best for me. It wasn’t a drastic change. If you’re already a slow talker, you can concentrate on not speeding up. In my case, I had to slow down a bit and concentrate on not speeding up. :slight_smile:


Say: " Shut up !" very fast .