Meetup group in Vancouver, B.C


Hi, I suffer majorly from social anxiety, depression, GAD and God knows what else. I have recently moved to Vancouver and wondering if anyone here is close by to maybe meetup and form a group. A long shot I know.


Hi,I’m in Vancouver too. I recently joined this forum and would like to meetup and form a group.


I love Vancouver, been struggling so much lately though. What part of Van are you from?


Sorry to hear that, I’m doing a little better now, I live in Surrey, how about you?


Hey. Sorry for late reply… I live in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver


Sorry for the late reply, i don’t open this forum regularly. Would you like to meet over coffee? near one of the sky train stations perhaps?


Sounds good. I dont come on here often either but you are welcome to add me on Facebook @ Brendon Allen - Skip