Main handouts to read in session 12


hi im on session twelve of the therapy and im wondering besides the new weekly material,which other handouts from other sessions should i be reading fully.i understand the concept of condenseing prior handouts but im not sure what handouts i should be condensing down and which handouts should be left out all toghether. right now im still reading the ants and attitudes handout everyday and most of the others ive condensed down.but when is it time to let some of the old handouts go because theres simply to much to read even condensed to fit into 30 minutes. thanks.


This is something that I struggled a bit with also @AUSSBOSS18. Perfectionism made me want to go over most of the previous handouts, but I reviewed just what was most helpful to me such as, the fighting paradox and the attitude statements. Based on your experience thus far what do you feel has been MOST helpful to you? If that’s just the ANTs handout & attitude statements then I’d suggest condensing those down as well and just going over those in addition to the current session. It’s best to not overwhelm ourselves with too much because that’ll make the therapy a source of stress which we definitely don’t want.


I realize this thread is pretty old but I wanted to ask, do other people read all of each week’s handouts in slow talk or do you read some silently to yourself? It seems to me it would take too long to read all of the handouts in slow talk, unless I’m reading too slowly.


Hello Cyan,

I just wanted to add some clarification for reading the handouts in slow talk.
You don’t need to read every handout from the series in slow talk, especially during your 30 minutes of daily therapy time, that is just not possible as there are way too many handouts to be able to do that.
You will eventually need to select the handouts that are most important for you and your growth.
For example, if assertiveness if an issue that you struggle with, going over the Deserving Statements handout every day in your 30 minutes of daily therapy is probably a good idea. If mingling is not such a big deal to you, then you don’t necessarily have to read over any handouts focused on mingling.

You can, however, skim over the handouts that you want to go over as a refresher. I’ve heard Dr. Richards say that you can do this, and have done this many times myself. With skimming over handouts, you don’t have to read them out loud in slow talk, but can quickly go over them just as long as you are getting the general idea of the handout so your brain recognizes that you are still working to reinforce the concepts from the handout.

Hopefully that clears things up, just use your slow talk therapy time to focus on handouts most important to you; and of course, there is no harm in skimming over other handouts as that will help as well.



Hi Mat,

Thank you for explaining. It’s helpful. I have one more question about each session’s specific handouts. This week I’m on session 12. Does that mean that I need to read this session’s handouts, small talk, turning the tables on the ants part 3, and the social anxiety automatic cycle, all in slow talk in addition to reviewing the most helpful material from previous weeks? Or can I choose the ones that are most important to me in terms of each specific session also? I’m guessing turning the tables and the social anxiety automatic cycle should be read out loud in slow talk but I’m wondering if the small talk handout could be read silently to myself. Thanks again!


In this case I would suggest spending one day to focus on the session 12 handouts only (using slow talk), and then from there you can decide which ones you need and want to keep reading over.
I think that’s the best way to go through the remainder of the series, that way you won’t miss or skip over any handouts that may be important to you in future sessions.

When I was going through the series my 1st and 2nd time, I did this and the 2nd time going through the series I found other handouts to be more important that I originally thought. But yes, the ANTs handout, Turning the Tables on the ANTs, and the Fighting Paradox are crucial handouts that should be read just about every day (if possible).

If you cannot fit in a handout or two during your 30 minutes of therapy sometimes, then don’t sweat it. You can always alternate between handouts the next day.



I think I understand most of it now. Thanks Mat! I appreciate it. One last question. In terms of the ants handout, turning the tables and the fighting paradox, do these need to be read fully in slow talk everyday or should I just review the most helpful paragraphs to me everyday?


You can read the most important paragraphs from these handouts every day, just as long as they help you remember the general concepts from them (that way they sink into your brain easier).

What I would do when I first started out was read over those important handouts in their entirety every day until I felt like I could just read the most important parts of the handout and be ok. Obviously everyone is different, so your results may vary. But those 3 handouts are crucial for working on getting over social anxiety, so I would try to incorporate reading a portion from them at least every day.



Ok, interesting, I need to think through how I’m going to move forward. I feel it would take me over a half hour to read those 3 handouts in slow talk so I don’t know how I’d get to review each session’s material. I’ll probably try to do a few paragraphs from each. Thank you for talking through it.