Looking for partner/s to study with


Hey all, i have tried twice the therapy and i failed it. I am looking for a study partner or partners so we can make progress together and to motivate ourselves when there are setbacks during the therapy. So if someone is interested and is thinking about starting the therapy soon, just leave a comment bellow. :).



I am Stefanos from Greece.
I am also looking for study partners. A month ago I went until session 4, but wasn’t able to put everyday 30 minutes aside, so I decided to start over, more consistent this time, planning my practice time a day ahead. Are you still in session 2?


Aye my friend. I haven’t started session 2 yet


No problem my friend. Keep up the good work.


What do you mean when you say that you have failed? I don’t understand how you can fail at reading the information. I ask this because I am trying to get an insight into why my daughter will not make time to do the therapy. After suffering from SA most of my life the therapy was successful for me but I am unable to get my daughter to persevere with it. She starts and stops at different points in the therapy. She’ll tell me that she doesn’t have time for it which I know is nonsense. I think that she probably has a fear of failure. It’s not possible that someone does not have a half hour to spend on something so important.

You may be right that having a study partner will help you get through the therapy. I wish you success.


We all have different levels of motivation, thus perserverance, perhaps. We all understand the feeling of starting something and stopping it. Defining that as failure. Perceiving that as a failure is an ANT.

I am not pointing fingers here. If fingers are pointed, I’d include pointing at myself. @anxiouspa, you bring up a good point - again, one that is likely stated in session 1. Nobody can fail the therapy. We can all have reasons / feelings / rationales for doing or not doing. Not doing would not result in progress over this. Someone who is doing cannot “fail”. And yes, as you point out, the therapy is, at its simplest, reading information daily. People, you cannot fail at that. You can NOT do it, of course. But, you can’t fail at a habit of therapy daily - reading out loud a sheet of paper.

I also agree that reasons for not having 30 minutes in a day tend to fall flat. If this is a priority, you do it.

I’ve painted a picture of the therapy being easy. That’s my opinion only about the mechanics of the doing of it. Now what is not “easy” is maintaining a regular habit daily, one that does involve exercising a muscle in a new way, a way we’re not used to which thus requires effort. In that way, I understand why people don’t keep up a new habit. Therein lies the challenge. Add to that the fact that it takes doing the therapy first, and continuing to do it for a while, before the results of it starts to be felt by you. So, yes, you’re still feeling anxious, yet you’re doing this therapy, and not where you want or think you should be. Pressure. Irrational expectations throw people off track.


Are you still looking for a study partner? I need someone to keep me accountable so I stick with it!


Well the thing is that at some point i got bored of the therapy. Maybe because i was using the old therapy course (the tapes) and by doing this i got bored of just listening and reading the same things over and over again. I stopped 2 times already (the old therapy). Now i am trying the new therapy and i hope that i will not give in once again. That’s why i said i am looking for a partner. Because i think its more motivating (e.g having someone with whom you can share your success or something new that you have noticed during reading the handouts). Maybe one of the reasons your daughter stops at different points in the terapy is because she is like me - too young for that and gets bored of doing the same thing over and over again. I mean everyone is different but there are people like me who got bored of doing stuff like that and yeah. I know that the key is in the three R’s as Dr. Thomas Richards says. Thats why i paid for that therapy and i hope that this time i won’t give up like the previous 2 times…


Yes, i am still looking. At the moment i am on session 3.


Hello, I have just started session 5 and would be very interested in having a study partner/group, as Dr Richards seems to suggest that this is a very helpful part of the therapy. There is a Skype group on Sunday afternoons but I assume that USA based. I live in New Zealand and will be working during the time the Skype meeting is happening.


Thank you! It would be awesome to be working together. Can someone tell a little bit more about the Skype group?


DesireOn, please see here: Join a Skype Group?


Hi, if either of you are still looking I am interested in finding someone to practice what I’m learning with. I am beginning session 5 this week.