Listening to the mp3 audios


Hi all! I am fairly new at this, and I’m trying to use the audios (songs and such) and they just won’t open. Can anybody please tell me how to go about doing this? Are those still available? When I try and open them it leads me to a new tab that says “page not available”.
Thanks and I send my best vibes for all of us here needing this, as only we know we do, to heal soon and completely! GREAT LUCK!


oh this doesn’t happen while trying to watch the videos though. Luckily I can watch those just fine.


Hello Manifestor12,

I just tried to play the songs found within Session 2 and 3, and they were able to play for me. Maybe you can try using a different browser to get them to work…I’m using Chrome and the page loads just fine for me.
There is also a “download” link to the far right of the song title, that you can right-click and “save as”, which will download it to your computer instead of trying to take you to another page, so you can listen to it that way.

Hope that helps.