Join a Skype Group?


I will add you to the call list. Remind me in the forum chat in Skype . We have a call this evening and each Sunday at 6:30 EST



How can I join to this group?


Hi. Just click on the Skype link above and request to be added to the group call .


Plz add me


please add me. jazzbluesman8


Where is the link to join the skype group? I scrolled up to 2015 and still couldn’t find it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi pal why not. I think…?


Are you still doing the Skype calls? I dont use Skype much so please message on here.


Yes we are. We are having a group call in less than 2 hours if you are available. Each week at 6:30 est we have a call


Hi pal i just got your message ! Please let me know when the next group call is and how to join. Thanks


Hi tap tap. I click the link , and added to group, but i does’t see any mesagge in the chat. My skype is gre_en_88.


Hi taptap, could you teach me how to join your skype group? Thanks


taptap continues with the massive, successful Skype group!! Way to go, man! :clap:


Haha thanks we keep the group going Matt. Great bunch of people who encourage and support each other. We have close to 4 years in now I believe. Always Looking for new people to add to the activities and discussion. Cheers


Steve T would like to chat with you on Skype. It’s free!

Follow this link Joseph and we will get you added to the call list


i think it’s great idea


Hello Sir!.
i am intrested . my id is stashv2
name is stash .
Thanks for adding me.


Hey Taptap, I tried to press the link, the first time it worked and I was added in as a guest, but I tried again and I can’t get in. I’m not sure how to use my skype account to find the chat


Hey Joseph here is the link Steve T would like to chat with you on Skype. It’s free!


Hey Stash try this link Steve T would like to chat with you on Skype. It’s free!