Job interviews--


I have a real problem with social anxiety in job interviews. Yesterday I had a job interview with one person and i.could tell I was starting to make him nervous. I make eye contact but it isn’t natural and I end up overdoing it. I dont know how to just relax and act natural. The interviewer started breathing hard and he was nervous and stuttering. I can talk to people just fine if they are outgoing and like to talk alot. If I talk to an analytical person then it never works. Anyways, I kept talking out if turn and I think it stated to piss him off. Sometimes I will do things just to break the monotony. I kept thinkimg a out leaving. My mind starts to race and I think ahead. When I start to have social anxiety, people in the past have thought I was on drugs or just weird, but in reality im just really nervous and don’t know what to do or say. I’ve tried everything to help myself. I found a substance in the past that helped me relax quotw a bit and helped me be myself and live my life. It was a liquid that was told at health food stores but was outlawed in 2000. I took it to help me to communicate with people. It allowed me to break out of my shell. When I stopped taking it I was really havng a hard time. I never abused it. This social anxiety has made it hard for me to sleep and just relax. Its like constant nightmare.


Are you using this therapy program? If not I would recommend it for you. My SA was so severe that even going to job interview was impossible to me, but this program really helped me and I keep moving forward.


Thank you. I will definetly take a look at his. I really appreciate this. No matter how many times you try to explain to people how debilitating this is, people just don’t understand. I’ve tried everything to curb it but it usually ends up being a temporary fix. Ughhh!!
Thanks again