Is there any chance to get to the USA and this institute (i'm from Poland)


Hi, as in topic. Is there any institute there where Dr. Richards can show you how to live?


Is it only online version?



If you mean the group therapy - the local and international groups run here in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. These groups are open to any that apply, and we use the audio therapy series for both groups. The groups are run in English. If your English is enough to understand the groups and the matieral, that is great. We have had many participants from other countries with different levels of English fluency.

The audio therapy program can be purchases and used from anywhere. It’s online. Yes, that’s also just in English at this time. We hope to have a few languages available in the future. But until then, it’s in English, just as Dr. Richards recorded it.

I hope that answers your questions.

Links to all 3 (local, international, and the online program) can all be reached from here:


Thank you for answer, i really appreciate that.
The local therapy is much cheaper so i would prefer this. But is it also for People from other countries?
I think that my english could be enough but i’m not sure.
I tried online version to read but in Polish language and it wasn’t enough working for me so i still have some fear.