Is replaying social interactions over in my brain negative?


I have two types of social interactions that replay over in my brain. The first are interactions where i felt embarrassed or uncomfortable. This replay is generally accompanied by negative/anxious feelings. I am currently stopping these replays and distracting myself from them.

The second type is just generally replaying social interactions that were normal and fine. I don’t think I’m feeling any negative feelings accompanied by these. But I’m wondering if this kind of thinking is normal and if I should be stopping these more often too?


Hi there!

From the way you describe it, what you are experiencing sounds normal. I do both fairly often. I’d answer your question with both yes and no. Post-analysis of positive and negative social interactions is one of the ways we improve our social skills. However, once you figured out what you think you did wrong in a particular event, it is best to just move on. All the anxiety you felt while analyzing the event has served the purpose of figuring out what went wrong, so it was worth it, but once you do, it is pointless to agonize any further. Figure out what you can learn and move on.

Hope this helps!


I reckon analyzing public events/interactions is largely negative in people like ourselves with SA… do you think other people (without SA) run through events in their heads so much… and beat themselves up as to how it went?

I’m sure there are people who have learned not to look backwards (or forwards too much) and to just let what happened stay in the past… and not to care so much what others might be thinking about them…

… that’s what I’d like to learn anyway… by stopping the over-analyzing of my ‘performances’.