Is it better to just listen to the songs, or to sing along with it?


I’m just wondering what’s the most effective way to take in the message that the songs bring. Is it better to listen to the songs or is it better to sing along with it?



Hello Joseph,

The songs are something we tried to make as additional, supplementary materials for therapy. If people don’t like the songs, no problem! If you do like the songs, great!

Some people have asked me if the songs are a necessary part of the study time. I would say no - again they are supplemental. But again, if you like them, play them and enjoy them. I’ve heard some feedback that some people like them and use them

To answer your question, just like actively doing the therapy rather than passive, I think the best answer would be that if you engage in anything, like music here too, it would be stronger. Listening to the therapy is good, but saying it out loud is also better to get in in the mind. On that point, I would say we definitely should be active with the Slow Talk out loud in our own voice. On that same principle, singing would be more actively engaging with the song than listening. But, again, they are also just songs as supplemental ideas for you. You could make up your own songs! If you don’t like the songs, I would also say you don’t have to force them on yourself.

Think about brain retraining in terms of active vs passive, focused vs unfocused - when learning anything I think this applies.


alright, thanks Mateo :slight_smile: