Is disgust a type of anxiety


I understand disgust is negative but is it a type of anxiety? I mean the feeling experienced as disgust, which includes feeling bullied, feelings of being overwhelmed, feeling creeped out, nausea, queasiness, etc. I’m asking this seriously. If this is too negative and you don’t feel like responding or you’re going to respond negatively, please don’t. It’s something I’ve genuinely struggled with for a long time.


I think if it’s a negative emotion than it can be called out and dealt with like any other ANT (ANF). I can relate to what you’re saying in that I think I take things too seriously sometimes, or view the world in a negative way, when maybe I can change my perception about it, look at things in a less hostile light, or focus on something more pleasant in my environment. I also sometimes get an upset stomach if I have anticipatory anxiety about something, but I know it’s an irrational feeling as well…that doesn’t mean I don’t still run to the bathroom though. :slight_smile:


Hi, dougief7! Thanks for your participation here. Always happy to see your voice in our discussions.

Cyan, I admit I’m not too clear on what you mean by disgust here. I’m not sure if you mean a feeling of disgust separate from social anxiety, or if you mean that this feeling also comes out of the situations in which you feel anxiety from bullying, feeling overwhelmed, feeling anxious, in general. If you mean that this feeling of disgust goes along with our other negative feelings associated with ANTs and social anxiety, then I can understand your reaction, your feelings. The feelings people speak of here, physical reactions, physical symptoms, such as nausea - they are not unreal feelings. They’re real - a result of all those fear and speeding up hormones that are running through our bodies because of our social anxiety patterns. So it may be that in your case, and in the case of many people here who describe nausea or not being able to eat when anxious, etc. - that this is a natural result of social anxiety and that it just affects you more in this way.

What now then? How to “deal” with this feeling of disgust? I think we’d deal with it the same way we deal with the other symptoms and feelings that result from social anxiety disorder. We treat the underlying social anxiety disorder so that these symptoms, like the one you’re describing, also decrease over time until they are not an issue. When we are learning to slow down, to be more rational, to not respond with anxiety, then those hormones aren’t having as much of a chance to get at us and trigger those feelings and symptoms.

I’m glad you’ve brought up something here that you’ve struggled with for a long time. That’s what this space is for. This is not a place for responding negatively or discounting others’ feelings. If that does happen here, and currently this is an open forum, please know that most of us here would respond with an open mind, and sympathetic understanding. Focus on those responses. Dougief7 is a great example of a community member who fits that description.


Hi Dougie,

Thank you for being empathic and sweet in your answer. It made me happy :slight_smile:

It helps when I focus on pleasant people and things so I’m gonna try to do that and take more breaks from certain situations at school and home.

I don’t have it all clear in my head but I think it comes from being seen as very different than who I am inside. It’s confusing and I’m confused. However, I do think I’ll learn how to deal with it better because things are already easier than when I started the therapy and they got a lot better when I did the therapy for a bunch of years when I was younger.

I’m just gonna try to rest and have a good weekend. I hope you have a nice weekend too.


Hi Mateo,

Thank you for your response. I think it’s feelings associated with social anxiety but when things/I feel really negative, overwhelmed, mistreated when I’m trying hard to make things go ok. I think I know how to proceed. It’s what I thought but wasn’t sure, that I should deal with it like other social anxiety feelings and ANTs thoughts. Your answer was helpful and nice. Thank you.


The basic thing I’ve realized is that I need to let myself feel this feeling. Disgust is just a label. I think it’s just a feeling and probably a type of anxiety but who cares anyway. I let myself feel it today and got much more positive responses. I didn’t feel preyed on by lifeless bored creepy type people and got positive responses from the people I wanted that from and the others I don’t want much to do with either left me alone, were respectful, or just acted petty but it didn’t bother me for once because I let myself feel my feelings, for the first time in a while. I didn’t feel all frustrated and guilty like I’ve done something bad. I think I was doing a fighting paradox mistake that I often make where I fight and resist and struggle with my feelings like I’ve done for so many years.


Also I think it comes from irrational thinking because I’ve felt bullied for so many years by certain types of people. I think the feeling will hopefully get less as I see myself and others more rationally and as I continue practicing the healthy concepts and strategies.


On second thought, there are definitely people who I see act gross and petty so letting myself feel this grossed out feeling is respecting myself as I get better and it hopefully subsides into regular anxiety.


Thanks for being supportive Dougie and liking my jumbled posts. I appreciate it. It’s stuff I struggle with but hopefully one day I’ll figure it out. It comes and goes in waves and usually has to do with how much I’m fighting anxiety. I think that anyways. I’m not sure. We’ll see. Hope you have a good week. Hope I have a good week too.