In a restaurant scared of ordering food and after splitting the bill with friends


Im not dum are anything i buy stuff on a regular but when inwas younger i used to get embarrassed a lot because i use to get confused kn whag to get from the menu and sometimes the menu be all over the place and i be comfused plus at the end when im with my friend swe have to split the bill theres always an issue with we split the bill and they embarrass me at the end thats why i dony like going out to restaurants ir other places im scared ill be embarrassed again


Everything and every feeling you describe here seems to fit social anxiety disorder.

There are no “tricks” or small solutions anyone can tell you that will magically help you with just this one situation, becaue the issue is underlying social anxiety. Anything we say may provide momentary relief or a short period of feeling better because you discuss this openly and receive supportive feedback.

However, long term, effective help for dealing with this situation, and all the situations we encounter in life that hit on our social anxiety disorder, is comprehensive cogntive behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder.

The audio therapy series “Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step” is such a program. It is a program that is specifically made for overcoming social anxiety.

You can change your life.