I stopped doing the therapy for a while and I want to return


I’ve stopped doing the Therapy for about 6 weeks due to family issues , what should I do now should i start from the beginning .


That depends on you. How many sessions had you already completed? Were you doing the therapy every day and consistently the first time? Do you have notes, highlights that you can look back to?

If you condensed your session materials for study purposes, as suggested in session 6, or if you’ve taken notes yourself, perhaps you can review your notes. You could spend a week reviewing all the sessions you already did, slow talk, out loud, every day for a week, or until you feel fully reminded of what you need to remember before going onto the next session. I don’t think you have to go back and start over. After all, what you did before won’t be forgotten. You just need to get back into it. So review for the period of time which suits you, and then move on when you feel ready.

There is no way to “get” everything there is to get out of the therapy in one pass. We should all repeat the therapy anyway. When you repeat it, you’ll learn knew things, start understanding more things about yourself. And one could not be expected to be ready for all that the first time.

So my suggestion is to take a week reviewing, then go on from where you left off. If that doesn’t feel right to you, then adjust to what works for you.