I still have anxiety when I'm by myself


I just to wanted to share this with someone. It just hit me that even when I’m alone in a room I still feel anxious. Why? I’m completely alone! All by myself! No one around me! Why am I still feeling nervous and not ease. Help. Any advice or thoughts is welcomed.


it is very similar with me and i think its generally common. your brain is trained to produce anxious thoughts, so it does that even when youre not in a particularly frightening situation or when being completely idle. i wouldnt worry about it too much, the techniques are applicable to either type of anxious thinking, doesnt matter what theme they have. this anxiety will shrink as you make progress in your therapy.

what has helped me the most are relaxation techniques / meditation, and activity. any level of activity is helpful, and if you cant get yourself to do large things, do small things.


Hi ssquared. When that is happening to me I feel it’s mostly because of background thoughts and memories, a lot of which might be almost subconscious. My mind can also be creating little stories where I’m complaining or trying to explain the SAD to other people. The thoughts can be stressful. I practice something called mindfulness. Different people can have their own definitions for that word. Part of mindfulness for me is the practice of being more aware of background thoughts that can flash through the mind. Sometimes just noticing them and realizing that they are automatic, not something I am intentionally doing, helps. It has also dissipated or taken the edge off of some of these unhelpful mental habits. Though I still have extreme SAD this practice and others have helped. I also suffer from depression. Mindfulness and certain types of meditation practices have helped my overall mental well being significantly. There is a lot of info on these subjects now. A few people I try to learn from are Richard Davidson, a neurologist; Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Elisha Goldstein.


I too think it is very common. Our minds are constantly on the look out for potential dangers. So, even though we are not in any danger of embarrassing or making a fool of ourselves, we continue to ruminate about times in the past when we might have; or opportunities in the future where we could. It is our brain in over protect mode. I too am currently working on accepting this reality and letting the thoughts and feeling pass–they always do. This is definitely easier said that done (b/c it is both mentally and physically uncomfortable), but with time and patience these thoughts will become weaker and more manageable. Baby steps…


I would get that as well especially if I start to have negative thoughts or im dreading a future social situation . What has helped me is exercise even if its just 20 minutes of walking ,if you cant do that try to do pushups or jump in your place until you start to get a bit breathless . This has helped me alot . I regularly exercise at the gym and its helped me alot. In the therapy they talka bout how exercise gets rid of cortisol in the body which will eventually lead to less anxiety .